About Jason

Jason always had a passion for real estate while growing up in the Midwest. His upbringing taught him that anything is possible through hard work and dedication. He acquired his first investment property while attending Minnesota State University as a finance and economics major. After transferring to the University of Central Florida he decided to pursue real estate full-time:

“I understand that each real estate investment, no matter how large or small, is very important to each buyer I work with. I'm very easy going in my approach, yet driven and persistent when it comes to getting my clients what they want. My goal is to over deliver in order to make the home buying experience both enjoyable and seamless from start to finish…”

From finding the right property to negotiating a fair deal, Jason works closely with buyers to carefully determine their needs, and guide them through every step of the home buying process. It takes an experienced real estate agent to ensure success from offer to close.

Sellers will enjoy effectively marketed properties, the most qualified buyers, and the best price possible.

When not hard at work, Jason enjoys spending time with family, traveling, historical research, and running with his two dogs. He is committed to the well being of animals, and is a strong supporter of animal adoption from shelters. To this end, he donates a portion of his commissions to PetRescueByJudy.com. His two beloved dogs, Buddy and Dakota, are both rescues.

Jason is a member of the Palm Beach Board of Realtors, the Florida Association of Realtors, and the National Association of Realtors. He is also a Luxury Home Specialist, assisting both sellers and buyers of luxury property throughout South Florida.



Customer Testimonials


My experience with Jason was exemplary. He was very pro-active in finding new listings/properties, and always communicated his concerns regarding a house whether it be slightly overvalued/location issues/other; his honesty and diligence was greatly appreciated. His objective aligned with mine, which was to find a quality home that I liked and was not only within my price range but also a great deal. Correspondence via phone/text/e-mail was always prompt.


As a first time house purchaser, the process was somewhat foreign to me and he helped explained the processes and ensured that everything was done properly and smoothly. I couldn't recommend Jason more.



John L.



Jason is the most professional realtor I have ever worked with. He has taken the standard of excellence to a new level. Jason always responded promptly and made himself available 7 days a week to offer suggestions and update me on market conditions. His knowledge and expertise are second to none.



Brendan C.



I was fortunate to have Jason as my realtor in purchasing a condo. Knowledgeable and understood exactly what I was looking for. Reliable, always available and made the process less stressful. Would not hesitate to utilize the service of Jason as a realtor again. Appreciate all your patience. Thanks for everything Jason!



Hamoy C.



I was moving from Jacksonville and I had a hard time finding the right area. When I found a house online I contacted Jason to see if he was available. He called the owner and set everything up within minutes. He then stopped by the property that same day around 5:30 in the evening. He showed us the home and we did not like it. Since we had a three hour drive home he showed us as many houses as he could. Within four hours, multiple houses, we found a home. That night was concluded around 9:30 pm. I have four kids, one of which kept hitting Jason over and over while he kept calm and focused. Thank you for your help.


J. Brandt



To:  Jason Smith




     I, SSG(RET) Febres Wilfredo Jr. had served in the United States Army for 28 years and have retired September 29, 2012. I am very proud to have served the United States Army. I decided to buy a home for my family and we have met Jason Smith. He was and is a very professional Realtor. I really appreciate his service and how he was on top of things, how you kept me informed every step of the way. My wife and I were very fortunate to have selected Jason Smith in the process of buying our home. I appreciate working with Jason Smith because he always showed integrity and patience, virtues that I find most commendable in a Realtor.


     I would recommend Realtor Jason Smith to any of my military friends, soldiers, veterans, and wounded warriors from around the world.




SSG(RET) Febres Wilfredo Jr.


United States Army



Dear Jason,


Thank you for being a motivated and attentive real estate agent. I appreciate how you were willing to call and gain access to houses on a moment's notice when we were out looking. You also made yourself available evenings and weekends. The pride you take in your work is very apparent and did not go unnoticed. I do not know how much commission you would have received if my lease had gone through, but please accept this check as compensation for at least some of your time and gas fees. I also want to thank you again for helping me with the pool table "situation". I hated to bother you with it but I saw no other option since The Ja#### Group was being so difficult. I wish you the very best with all your future endeavors. Take care and God bless.




Deborah Y.



My wife and I recently moved to Florida. Not knowing the area well, we wanted to rent for a year then possibly buy. We contacted about a dozen realtors, and none of them wanted to work with renters. They kept telling us to call a property manager, and the property managers were all too busy to show homes. Jason had a terrific local website, and he took the time to show us multiple homes in two different areas. He worked around our schedule and he answered all of our tedious questions. Once we found the best home for our family, he did a great job negotiating and closing the deal. We will certainly use Jason once we're ready to buy a home.


Harris Family



I emailed Jason on a Sunday afternoon after stumbling across his website while looking for rentals. Jason contacted me within an hour of my initial email. I was waiting on a call-back from a realty company, for a rental I wanted to look at for over a week; however, thanks to Jason I was able to view the house the next day. Jason was always professional and very patient, even if I wanted to see a house a third time. He was on time and well prepared, with print-outs and pertinent information of all the properties I wanted to see.


I met and worked with a few different realtors during my rental search. Jason has been the only one who showed me the level of professionalism and dedication I was looking for. I highly recommend Jason to anyone who is looking to rent or buy a house. Jason far exceeded my expectations, and I will definitely contact him again when I'm ready to buy a house.


Thank you for all your help Jason!


Michelle G.



We contacted Mr. Smith just by chance. After 1 ½ years trying to buy a condo for my son; we browsed the internet and contacted Mr. Smith. To our surprise he called us back; we were very delighted with his professional and courteous attitude.


He listened patiently to our needs, has an expert knowledge of the market and understood exactly what we were looking for. He fed us with properties that suit our needs and budget and in less than two months we were closing on an apartment.


Since we live in Miami we went during weekends and he was always willingly available, he even coordinated the inspections the very same day and stayed with us during the process that lasted until night.


I have never written a letter this type, but I feel compelled to acknowledge the magnificent job Mr. Smith is doing, outstanding service, great expertise and excellent qualities.



P. Ganan



Jason undertook assisting us secure a rental remotely as we were in the process of relocating from Louisiana to Florida. My family and I had a seemingly impossible checklist of qualities we wanted in a rental home (price, pool, good schools, large dog, 4 bedroom, move in date, etc.).


He shouldered this Sisyphean task with patience and good nature; and, worked tirelessly to get us the rental that that suited us perfectly. He adeptly got a feel for our requirements, emailed us MLS approved listings as quickly as they became available, and scheduled appointments for me to see the properties we were interested in. When we weren’t able to view the rental ourselves, he acted as our agent by checking the property personally and working closely with the property manager to insure that it was held for us.


Jason has shown a high level of commitment and done a stellar job of meeting our needs. The only way I could thank him for his efforts is to employ him as our realtor should we purchase a house in the future. I cannot recommend him highly enough.


Adams Family



We just wanted to thank Jason for all of his hard work and patience. We were looking for a place to live in a small window of time while tending to a new born baby and Jason made it as easy of a process as he could. We contacted Jason about homes and he immediately responded with homes to look at and created a well prepared portfolio of homes and itinerary.


After looking at 20+ homes, we were able to find one that suited our needs with Jason's help the entire time. Jason also took time to follow up with us after we signed the lease to make sure everything was ok.


We would recommend Jason to anyone looking to buy or rent a home.


Thank You Jason, 


Lavar, Stacie and Baby J